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Events Public Site


Weekly calls, events and Learning Circles are a big part of how Activators + Ventures meet, build community, learn, and provide support to one another, all in the spirit of #RadicalGenerosity. If you're new to SheEO, we invite you to join an upcoming Global Activation Event to learn more!

Open to Public

Global Activation Events are open to the public! These monthly calls are a chance to learn more about SheEO (who we are, why we exist, and what we create together), meet the community, and experience #SheEOmagic.

Learning Circles

Learning Circles are opportunities to engage with thought leaders in the community on topics such as mindset shifts, systems transformation, and Indigenous wisdom.

Community Events

Community Calls are hosted in each region to support the community in building relationships, asking for and receiving support, and learning about mindset shifts, systems change, and the World's To-Do List.

Learning Circles and Community Events are open to current Activators and SheEO Ventures only. Learn More + Activate Today →

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